Olympus Has Fallen // Electric Brilo

by ClearVisionDream Productions



Coming to your near future and local megamall.


released September 8, 2014



all rights reserved


ClearVisionDream Productions

Immerse yourself in the experience. New product designs will lead you to enlightenment. Escape to new destinations and dream of seagull skies. A clear view is in sight. enjoy the world of tomorrow!

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Track Name: question?

In the disconnect.

trying to feel warmth from the motherboard,
maybe itll pass through you like a ghost and fill you with what you need.

thoughts passing through like stampeding wild animals.
possibly looking for the only water source in ages.
to thirst,
feel the mind's need to stop the stagnation,
always wanting more, never seeing if it's right or wrong.

connections like a game of dominoes.
connect the little numbered dots together in a massive sea.

it feels good and you know it does, the same as fresh dew on the morning grass,
pass on through like a bird in flames.
like the cold hitting your temples in the freezing wind,

the key to it all.
we know how to do it but sometimes its just so hard.

to gain more knowledge or to sit and enjoy whats around you,
now, thats the real question isn't it?
Track Name: google
back and forth, between cyclo-surrender.

speak the words, un-imaginable, and i'll bust your skull.
synapse firing neurons, straight into gunpowder gold.

Your microchip sensor seems to be malfunctioning.

you are not performing your civil duty.

reprogram your mental fibre capacitor.

you are only performing tasks at 96.555 percent efficiency.

Do you really want google to be disappointed?

Reprogram now or face termination.

Perform 65 million more operations within the next 4 minutes or face.

defective disassembly.

Thank you. Goodbye.
Track Name: data
Swirling microcosm relatively infinite.

gyration, constant flowing neverending it seems.

leave mine to me.
leave me to my being and let me be free.

you cant take my soul away from me.

my self.
the machinations of a greater sum.

back off, i'm living my life here don't you see me.
walking through every door?

counterbalance the odds.
don't let them see.
i'm safe inside myself.
and at peace.

let the swirling lights around me buzz and shine on.
but you wont get me,
Track Name: electric brilo
Limited Edition latest form of relaxation.
Gain intimacy through monetary enlightenment.
All New! Low, Low prices!

Feel the warmth surge all around you. engulf you.
A cleaning experience like this will never be felt again.
you are happy. you have finally reached nirvana.

oh yes.

how lucky you are.

Electric Brilo will clean like none else.

Olympus has fallen.

Your genes have been evaluated, and an algorythm was generated for you.
Your future will contain all new Electric Brilo.

It is all you have ever wanted and all you will ever need.

Electric Brilo. Buy Now?
Track Name: enlightenment
Track Name: fissure
fissure in my head
push fingers deep into skull ripping through the flesh
want to rip my head apart at the seams

dusty brown sandpaper skeleton
sitting in the forefront

rip and tear, dead end bones

writhe, twist, convulse

nothing, to, indulge

feel the pain drip from the middle of my eye.
this sensation.
gut wrenched.
Track Name: new day!
virtual simulations offer new insight to being.

live the full life now, with all new SimX technology.

Let all your emotions loose, feel the lust and power of a new day.

Escape to new locations. Travel exotic lands. we will be seeing you shortly.

leave your old life behind, and relax.
Track Name: surface
Do you pass with the changing times,
or do you stay true to yourself.

do you hope to gain understanding of the world through your own lense,
or do you expect the other to let you know whats right and wrong.

the world is ever changing and the wheels are in perfect sync.
the size of the wheels change and so do the shapes of the cogs.
but do you notice or are you blissfully unaware.
of the giant fluctuating surface that ties us all together as one.

the trees sway with perfect balance as a billion billion little changes form something
tangible and whole.
the wind whistles in my ears, making me feel calm, like a distant reminder of a past life,
the same life? lived vicariously through each passing complex of single celled life that
multiplies and gives rise to new life again.

let this feeling never end, the constant sway and crossings of peaks and troughs,
perfect harmony,
present in the static and cool sways,
equilibrium always, every moment a collection of notes swimming in the space we feel.
feel till the end, feel till the end,
tilling in the dirt or flying in the sky, seagulls pass the sun cast shadows,
melt into diamond seas, sparkling in the breeze of what we are,
I am the universe and the universe is me.
Track Name: dream

Endless void. intimidated.
the justifications of a greater image making the world seem so cold.
water droplets fall like neon strings down on the smooth black ground.
break me loose, i dont wanna think anymore.

lets go back to the way life was when it was simple and free.
i want only the sweet rhythm in my step driving me forward.

lets rest on the clouds in endless harmony with the sky.
lets jump into the ocean and swim with goldfish dreams.
the moon is out you know, its waiting for our spirits glow.

down. down. down. to the earth melting stream.
we'll go, see how our brothers and sisters learned the ropes.

endless harmony in visions neverending.

lets go.