.burnt [陰影]

by ClearVisionDream Productions



released December 7, 2014



all rights reserved


ClearVisionDream Productions

Immerse yourself in the experience. New product designs will lead you to enlightenment. Escape to new destinations and dream of seagull skies. A clear view is in sight. enjoy the world of tomorrow!

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Track Name: blossom

Anxiety dripping
cocoon silking

black scars feed out mana
neuroprocessors broken stretched out palms

broken connections
dot dash dot
faltering conclusive
dash dot dot
noise compounding
dot dash dot

function chains wilting flora
exposed seeds

magnetic moment in the shrine
temple blacked out

last connections torn
tremble and blossom
Track Name: burnt [陰影]
Swivel and Sway.
darkness from the corridor.

shadows bless the lost souls of a forgotten time.
mass produced artifacts.
symbolic in its repetitive behavior.

one after another laying solid and burnt.
reflections of the past coalesce into the now.

what happened here?
something tragic?

rigid figures staring, judging.
cracks in the surface but eyes penetrating like poison darts.

Track Name: Azure Systems Inc.
dim lit flickers and marble stone

crooked, jagged, ancient grounds.

forgotten relics of inner peace

silence gives way to higher visions of existence.

its almost too much. its intimidating.

these are holy grounds.

scrawled on the side of forgotten wreckage.

speak the words from a world forgotten.

beauty in its creation.

how things must have been.
Track Name: manuscript (pt. i)
Manuscript loaded

genetic perfection assembly cross-linking


mental fibre capacitors data collection and group testing for human interaction
virtual simulations provide platform for behavioral study, brain patterns are
then converted into algorithms, and cross correlated to other subjects in the study
to determine selectivity of brain patterns. once thresholds are met for genetically
unfit individuals, slow societal disassociation processes will be initiated.

selectivity for personality types in socioeconomic groups will aid in controlling test
subjects. Low thresholds for individuality and aggressive behavior is strictly enforced
to ensure subjects are more easily tested. Monetary platforms also provide information
from test subjects according to which triggers they are mentally drawn towards. Product
acceptance leads to greater understanding of test subjects on a personal basis allowing
for selective marketing data for mental fibre streaming. Over time weeding out will become
less necessary, as the experiment becomes more precise.

manuscript complete.

Track Name: manuscript (pt. ii)
manuscript part two.

Omnicore initiative.


Slow depletion of ownership through service platform offerings. Once subjects become
fully engaged through controlled service streaming, housing plans are initiated. Housing
provides more precision in testing, leading to more accuracy for success. Physical services
provided through Omnicore are made available to housing subjects. By persistent
monitoring of bodily functions and brain activity, subjects will become more malleable and thresholds
will be more controlled. Enter into Phase III.

manuscript complete.
Track Name: manuscript (pt. iii)
manuscript part three.



After Omnicore becomes fully automated phase three is initiated. Expansion into parallel socioeconomic
systems through forward marketing. Mental fibre capacitors become necessary for installation through
legal initiative, allowing for data streaming at birth. Subjects will be given higher rate data streaming
during developmental stages. Task allocation and marketed product streaming will be adjusted on an individual
basis allowing for up to 97.6 percent efficiency of expansion. Completion will become effective in 15-20

manuscript complete.
Track Name: blank [光繭]
trample striving through empty corridors.

blank phase.

perfect walls of white covered in vine.

mystic powers.

There's nobody here.

The faint glow of cocoons are shown through the invisible screen.

white boxes with black faces, expanded like an ocean.
Track Name: disc
disc corrupt.

find, lost data.


encrypted files obtained.


message encoded.


Are we Just a cosmic array of energy forming order?
Nature. vibrating strings make the world, you, and I.
receptors. auditory and visual capabilities enable automation.

We are the process. We are just a spark in time of post-big bang debree.
I haven't lived, but existed since the beginning of time.

end message.